3 Types Of Outdoor Sports And The Corresponding Footwear

If you're someone who enjoys the outdoors, then you probably like to get out there in nature and have fun exercising. It doesn't matter if you like splashing through the river, or riding a dirt bike, you need the correct footwear. It's not safe to wear regular sneakers or work boots for many outdoor activities. The sneakers might not provide enough stability or protection, and the work boots might not provide the necessary flexibility. Below is a list of 3 very popular outdoor sports and the type of footwear you need for each.

Rock Climbing Shoes

If you've just started to go rock climbing, then you might not know that you need special shoes. This is a case where having the wrong shoes could cost you your life. You won't be on a scenic trail; you will be on the face of a cliff. If you wear regular sneakers, then you might not be able to maintain contact with the cliff and end up falling.

Rock climbing shoes look sort of similar to ballet shoes. The shoes have a snug fit, are thin on the sides, and allow you to have excellent flexibility.

The thickness of the sole will depend upon what type of climbing you are going to do. If you are mostly doing indoor climbing on a synthetic rock wall, then you can use a shoe with medium thickness. If you are planning on climbing steep, outdoor cliffs, then you should choose a very thin sole. This will allow you to feel the surface deviations in the wall face.

River Exploration Shoes

If you like hiking through shallow riverbeds, then you need to get river-hiking shoes. Regular sneakers will get waterlogged and slow you down. Common sandals do not provide proper ankle support or traction. So, you need to get shoes that are designed specifically for hiking riverbeds.

River hiking shoes will be made of neoprene or gor-tex. They will have heel support and solid rubber soles with good traction. It's important that they be completely waterproof.

Motocross Boots

If you've got a dual sport motorcycle and are looking to get out on the trails, then you need to have motor sport boots. While you might get away with wearing regular boots with your Harley or Ninja, you can't wear these with a dual sport. A dual sport is designed for riding off-road, through the mud and puddles. These boots provide stability and protection in the event that you get tossed off the bike and they also prevent your feet from getting wet from splashed mud.

You should choose a boot that has built-in gaiters. These will prevent sand, dirt, mud, leaves, and twigs from getting into your boot. You also want a heel that has a good shock absorber built into the boot. Motocross cycling is going to expose you to high jumps and landing, which will require a strong heel support. Finally, make sure that you go with a boot that has a slim profile so that it doesn't interfere with you switching gears.

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