Accessories That Will Provide Comfort During A Motorcycle Road Trip

If you are going to be trekking across the country on your motorcycle, the following accessories will provide comfort during the road trip. As a result, you will be able to focus on the road and safely arrive at your destination.

Cooling Vest

If you travel during hot weather, you may find that you perspire a lot while on your bike. This could cause you discomfort and encourage you to stop frequently. A cooling vest will keep you comfortable on the hottest days of the year. Place ice packs or frozen chemical packets that came with the vest inside of each pocket. Once the ice or packets begin to melt, the vest will absorb perspiration and keep your core temperature at a consistent level. Vests come with adjustable straps and are lightweight. 

Bug Deflector And Self-Adhesive Strips

Many motorcycles do not have a large windshield. Bugs often fly into the eyes and mouths of riders, causing them to become distracted. Install a bug deflector that is tall enough to protect your face. Deflector kits contain hardware that can easily be mounted with a screwdriver or adjustable wrench. Deflectors are designed for many motorcycle brands. After you install one, it will look as if was hand-tailored for your bike.

Keep the paint job on your bike protected from bugs by applying customized strips that contain an adhesive backing. These strips can be ordered for the motorcycle model that you own. Clean and dry the motorcycle's body. Place a clear strip on any part of your bike that you do not want exposed to bugs. As bugs hit your bike they will not stick to its surface. When you would like to remove the strips, peel them off and the paint under the spots where they were located will look great and be damage-free.

Hands-Free Hydration

A water pack can be placed on your back and provide you with instant hydration while you are cruising down the road. A reservoir is located in the bottom of the pack. Insulation surrounds this piece, keeping beverages cool for hours. Select a pack that matches your riding gear and that is large enough to hold the beverage of your choice. A sip tube is connected to each pack.

Line this piece up before you hit the road so that it is located within reach. Remaining hydrated will prevent you from feeling weak or dizzy as you are riding and you will appreciate the convenience of not needing to stop your motorcycle in order to quench your thirst.

Enjoy your trip and remain focused as you travel, while being provided with comfort. Use the same accessories whenever you ride your motorcycle to make the most out of each trip. For more information about motorcycles and accessories, contact a dealer such as Carl's Cycle Sales.