Benefits Of A Side-By-Side With A Dump Bed

Thinking about how you expect to use your side-by-side is important during the shopping process. Your expected usage of this all-terrain vehicle will be instrumental in helping you to choose which model will best suit your needs. Many side-by-sides have some type of storage bed at the rear, but only certain models have a dump bed. This feature allows you to raise and lower the bed, much like a commercial dump truck. If you expect that you'll use your side-by-side for various work projects, a dump bed can be a highly valuable feature that offers the following benefits.

Less Physical Labor

A side-by-side with a dump bed can dramatically cut down on your physical labor. For example, if you load the bed with rocks that you'll relocate to another part of your property, you can simply press a button in the cockpit of the side-by-side to raise the bed and cause the rocks to tumble out onto the ground. If you were to use a side-by-side with a standard bed instead of a dump bed, you'd need to physically lift each rock out and place it on the ground. Tasks of this nature can be physically demanding without a dump bed.

Quicker Work

A dump bed will also allow you to work more quickly, which will be important if you're planning to use your new side-by-side for lots of jobs on your property. In the above example of moving a load of rocks, unloading rocks by hand can take an extensive amount of time. Conversely, being able to dump the contents of the bed with the press of a button should take just a handful of seconds. This will allow you to complete this job in a short amount of time and set your sights on the next project on your to-do list.


There are risks to attempting to unload the bed of a side-by-side by hand. For example, if you're working with a partner, you might stand in the bed and push the load over the edge while the partner stands nearby. Depending on what you're carrying, there's a risk of something heavy landing on your partner's foot and causing an injury. You'll appreciate having a dump bed because of the safety that it offers. When you use the dump bed, you'll be well out of harm's way.

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