Useful ATV Accessories For Doing Tree Work

If you have a large property that has a number of trees you need to cut down, the right equipment will help to make your job easier. If you own an all-terrain vehicle, you may wish to use it to ride to the trees in question. Before you do, it's a good idea to shop for some accessories that you can mount to this vehicle to help with this type of work. Your local recreational vehicle dealer carries all sorts of ATV accessories, including several that can be useful when you're cutting down trees and clearing the land around them. Here are some ATV accessories that you might want to use.

Chainsaw Bracket

Carrying a chainsaw when you're riding on an ATV can be a little more challenging than you initially realize. You may not want to put it in one of the ATV's storage boxes, as it could slide around and potentially sustain damage while you're on uneven terrain. A useful accessory is a chainsaw bracket. These devices come in a few different styles but essentially work like a holster for your chainsaw. You'll mount this accessory to your vehicle and then slide the chainsaw, blade facing downward, into the bracket. It will stay safe while you drive and be easy to retrieve when you need it.

Skidding Tongs

If you want to move a large, heavy log, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is with a set of skidding tongs. Forestry companies use this device on their tractors, but you can find a smaller version that mounts to your ATV. Skidding tongs are essentially a strong pair of metal fingers that pinch a log between them and allow you to drag it. Many logs can be too heavy to lift off the ground, so using skidding tongs can help you to move any large logs that you cut.

Brush Cutter

Some trees can have so much thick underbrush around them that they're difficult to reach on foot. If you're struggling to get close enough to a tree to cut it down, an ATV-mounted brush cutter can be a useful accessory to own. It will allow you to drive to the edge of the brush, engage the cutter, and begin to cut through the brush until it's no longer an obstacle in your way. Removing the brush will make your tree work safer, as the brush won't pose a trip hazard when you're working. Learn more about ATV accessories at a local recreational vehicle dealer.