Ways to Use a Side-by-Side at a Sports Facility

If you run a community sports facility, you're likely always thinking of different equipment that you can use at this site. There are all sorts of specialty devices to buy, but one machine that can fulfill several different duties is a side-by-side. Spend some time visiting a side-by-side dealership in your area so that you can assess the many different models of this utility vehicle to choose the best one for your needs. You'll almost certainly find that you use your side-by-side in more ways than you might have initially realized, including these three.


A side-by-side can be a valuable vehicle for dealing with all sorts of groundskeeping tasks at your sports facility. There are lots of different attachments that you can use with this vehicle. For example, a mower attachment will allow you to cut sports fields quickly and easily. You can also pull an aerator tool behind the side-by-side to improve the health of the fields. Drag rake tools will allow you to even out areas that are covered in dirt, including the infield of baseball and softball diamonds.

Transporting Equipment

Most community sports facilities host numerous tournaments throughout the year, and your side-by-side can be a valuable vehicle as you prepare the facility for these events. A side-by-side that has a large cargo bed to the rear of the cabin will provide lots of space for transporting all sorts of equipment. For example, if you're setting up a hydration station, it's far quicker and easier to load several heavy coolers of water and sports drinks into the back of your side-by-side instead of having to carry them by hand.

Carrying People

There may be various times that you use your side-by-side to carry people around the sports facility. If one of the fields is a considerable distance from the parking lot, you might enjoy offering rides to people who have mobility challenges. For example, you can carry a few senior citizens at a time who are in attendance to watch their grandchildren compete. At other times, you may want to use the side-by-side to carry a competitor who has sustained an injury. For example, if a soccer player twists their ankle, you can use the side-by-side to carry them off the field and to the sidelines. This will allow the game to continue while you wait for first aid personnel to arrive and provide some assistance.